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Monthly Muse: Sergio Slayer

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Monthly Muse, Sergio Slayer

By Rebecca Mardikes

December 7, 2016

Muse Clothing: Can you give us some details about your upcoming album?

Sergio: This December, I am releasing my second album, 1,020 Años. It is my first CD in a three part series called Numbers Are Smarter Than Letters. The CD is ten tracks long and is available on bandcamp. The album was produced with Juda – B and Abe Froman. It was recorded at North Village Recordings with Tim Hanson. 

Muse Clothing: What musically influenced this album?

Sergio: 1,020 Años is a hip-hop album that can be described as a time travel space themed soundtrack. This year is the 20th anniversary of Outkast’s ATLiens album. Their lyrics pushed me into wanting to do hip-hop again. Another influence into creating this album is that 2016 is the ten-year anniversary of my first album. 

Muse Clothing: How would you describe your taste in music?

Sergio: I would describe my taste as random and eclectic. I like everything from Mozart to Loretta Lynn. In my opinion, there are only two kinds of music - good music and bad music. The genre does not matter to me. In my own album you will find a mixture of genres, primarily hip-hop and EDM. 

Muse Clothing: How did you first get into music?

Sergio: I’ve always had a strong attraction towards music. One of the moments that first sparked me was when I was seven I had an L.L. Cool J cassette. I began rapping in elementary school with classmates for the D.A.R.E. program. I first wanted to do music when Kris Kross came out. I then began rapping as a solo artist and then started to work with a band called Nifty 250. Through the support of my wife, I went back to solo work after the band split earlier this year. This was an additional influence into starting my new hip-hop album.

Music Clothing: How would you describe your 1,020 Años?

Sergio: The best way to describe the style of my new album is space comedy with a tinge of drama as well as some education. 

Muse Clothing: What are the similarities between your fashion taste and music style?

Sergio: When it comes to fashion and music, I don’t go with the trends; I do what I want. I believe that that attitude is more hip-hop than anything. It is important to not get stuck into a box. That’s how my two styles go together. 

Muse Clothing: Can you tell us some details on your personal journey with music?

Sergio: I first started rapping in a studio from my hometown in Fulton, MO. The feedback I received from friends and locals made me want to pursue rapping even further. Watching rappers and bands capture the audience motivated me to pursue it even more. A personal goal of mine has been to rap with Sublime. It made me want to rap with a band that fused genres in a similar way. 

Muse Clothing:  Who is your music muse and your fashion muse?

Sergio: Andre 3000 is a muse for me in both fashion and music. He has an amazing ability to put words together. He isn’t afraid to change up his music or fashion style. I commend Andre 3000 for that. It is encouraging to see people accept him fully for his taste and style. Witnessing this motivates me to do the same. Another musical muse is Too Short. I used to rock to his cassettes back in the day. At the end of his songs he would have a long instrumental. During these I would practice my freestyle and try to emulate Too Short’s style of rap. 

Muse Clothing: What are your goals with music?

Sergio: My main goal is to reach Europe. They love the essence of hip-hop more than Americans. Some key countries that I am interested in pursing my music in are Germany, England, Spain and Italy. Outside of Europe, I am very interested in Japan.

Upcoming Events
Dec. 8th at Rose Music Hall with Indyground Entertainment. 

Dec. 23rd Club Impulse Rehab Room, Acid Theatre. 
Album release party for 1,020 Años
JPS productions and club impulse and rehab room


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