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Gotta Keep it fresh with the 3 essentials.

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We think every wardrobe calls for the bold, the print, and the neutral. From tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories, each one of these three are necessary in every category. You need things to fit every occasion, whether that’s running to your favorite restaurant (Main Squeeze is our personal favorite) or your favorite coffee shop (we're obsessed with Lakota), you must have your three essentials. Think about it: The bold is like your pop of color, the print is a pattern, and the neutral is definitely a blend. You know what I'm talkin' about. #TheMuseWoman: 1. #thebold — Try a new pop of color on the lip. Bold pinks, deep blues, and rose colored reds are totally in. 2. #theneutral — Every wardrobe calls for solid colored tops. Blue or white button downs, crop tops, or even nude/black colored bandeaus makes it easy to put together an outfit for any occasion. 3. #thepattern — Multi-colored shorts, vintage print Bermuda shorts, or even blue and white stripes never hurt 'em.


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Top: Lucca Couture Fringe Crop Top Pants: Stripe Print Stretch Twill by Kill City Accessories:in-store Bracelet: in-store Head-wrap:in-store

Photographer: Marc Mayes #RespectMyCamera Model: Rikki Byrd #TheRummageSale Creative Director & Stylist: Darion Wu #IamDWu Face Beat By: Kimberly Wyms #TheMarkOfBeauty #TheMuseGentleman: 1. #thebold — Colored v-necks are a must and pocket squares will always do justice, so why not be bold? 2. #theneutral — Classics are always must haves. Red and white low-top Converse, Vans, or even nude or brown colored oxfords are just classics. #KeepinItClassy 3. #thepattern  Don’t be afraid of patterns on patterns. Rock Aztec Blue shorts, or bold colored chinos. #dontbescurred


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Top: in-store Pants: in-store

Photographer: Bonnie Nichoalds #BonnieNicoalds Model: Darion Wu #IamDWu

Buy these three essentials and just see how you feel. We promise you won’t regret it. #StyleOn