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”IssueSculpt””IssueSculpt””IssueSculpt” As a local boutique, we are not only all about bringing awesomeness to the masses, but supporting the community of Columbia, as well #weaboutthatlife. The Muse had an amazing opportunity to support the up and coming s c u l p t Magazine, a magazine functioning as a canvas for emerging artists to freely and creatively showcase their talents. Now we've worked with the beautiful Rikki Byrd many times, but this time is truly special. Rikki founded s c u l p t in 2010, after finding her passion in bringing the unknown to new heights and giving artists, like herself, a platform to share their talents.  With her obsession with magazines, fashion, and photography, she took a dream, her macbook, recruited a staff of talented individuals, and launched the first issue of s c u l p t magazine online in September of 2010. Officially a graduate of the University of Missouri, Rikki is now ready to EVOLVE and take s c u l p t to new heights. Now, four issues in, a staff in Columbia, MO and Chicago, contributors from St. Louis to New York, and artists featured from all over the nation, s c u l p t has started an evolution and a movement. As it seeks expansion, s c u l p t is in need of YOUR HELP to continue promoting artists and inspiring the masses.

Check out the latest edition from Sculpt Magazine HERE.

”RisingStarsEdition” ”3rdEdition” ”FifthEdition”

On September 11, 2013, s c u l p t magazine officially launched a fundraising campaign on in order to raise $3,000 to support design programs, the purchase of their own website domain, T-shirts, and editor-in-chief travel expenses between s c u l p t branch locations.

Here's the catch: They only have 51 days to do it! Our very own, Darion Wu was on the scene to be a part of all the magic and help support an amazing cause to impact communities all across the nation, on behalf of Muse Clothing. Let’s do our part and learn how we can all help make a difference and support a dream! We are all so proud of you DIVA and the entire s c u l p t staff for impacting the masses and showcasing emerging talent. Visit the link below to watch the campaign, look at behind the scenes footage, and catch all the amazing looks from Muse Clothing, styled by our very own Darion Wu. Loving all the looks? Take a day and come shop with us at Muse Clothing, for men and women. #ShopOn

Watch s c u l p t campaign video HERE

Photographer: Marc Mayes #MarcMayesPhotography Model: Rikki Byrd #RummageSale Stylist: Darion Wu #IamDWu Face Beat by: Kimberly Wyms #TheMarkofBeauty