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Ok so the first time we met Cassi, she came in looking for an outfit for a concert for somebody so obscure only Cassi knew of. We helped her find some sweet looks and played in the fitting rooms for a while. The next week she came back in and showed us this picture of what she ended up wearing...


A scarf as a skirt. BOOM


So it was love at first skirt? Or scarf? Either way, Cassi Crededio stole our hearts with one picture! She's hilarious, deep, giving, fearless, and knows EVERYONE. Days just get better when shes in Muse hangin out.


This an interview from Summer 14". Dates maybe off!

Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? How’d you end up at Mizzou?

I am 19 years young, taking on challenges every single day because I refuse to deal with any “what ifs” later on in life. I come from a big city, Chicago, and throughout the years of living there have realized how far connections will advance you in the work place. With that being said, I have chosen to attend the University of Missouri, to compete internationally with reporters in the same field of Fashion, Music, and Entertainment.


Tell us about your style?

The style I live by is mainly based off of a lot of European fashion that I try to keep up on; thigh high socks/high waisted pants were big overseas 2 years ago, and now everyone in America is rocking them out!


I try to be super futuristic & set trends, but in the most original way possible. Also, I am infamous for being the “Flower Child of the 20th century”, so you may find a surplus of bohemian goodies in my closet as well!


What she worn in.


Her hat she got at Muse. Hologram anyone?!

Where do you draw your outfit inspiration?

My mood actually! I feel that my outfit will almost control my feelings for the rest of that day. I try to be especially fancy when I have a productive day ahead of me, because I sincerely feel better when I’m dressed to impress!

Ok lets get down to brass tax here. Dat ass tho. You get that from yo Mama? Speaking of your Mother – you got a wicked hooded brown fur that you’ve been rockin around town this winter. We heard your Mom had something to do with that. Please to explain how your moms has help influenced your style.


I actually got told by some intoxicated girl who I met one night wearing it, “she thought I was some sort of entity!!” I love being remembered as different, just as my Mama! Being that the family has resided in the windy city she has stocked up on some incredible coats, jewelry, and fashion sense in general! She has motivated me to keep up on international fashion for years now, and is currently still killin’ it as a 56 year old, l-o-v-e her!


So you ARE THE festival queen! Howd that start? Whend that start? Whats your top festivals? Any tips of the trade?


Don’t make me blush Nickie! Ya know, ever since I was young I was going out and experiencing the amazing House music of Chicago, because it originated there. I started going to shows and events when I was about 15 because my guy at the time loved EDM as well, so you can say I’ve made a lot of connections and met great people/artists in the scene thus far  -For spring break I’m making it out for Ultra in Miami with VIP tickets! I’m most excited to attend Electric Forest in Michigan because of the superb jam bands and artists they have coming in, plus the art and culture of the Forest itself. Then of course, I need to go back to the hometown and tear up Chicago for Spring Awakening Music Festival! My tip to all the youth getting into this music, please be smart. Realize that you are there for the experience, artists especially, and the loving community of people!


How’d you find Muse? Why do you think you and Muse work together so well?

The window display caught my eye within seconds and I was in making my first purchase right after that! I realized that Nickie, as long as myself, share a love for bold & daring pieces and shopping overall! The clothes are high quality, which I also find of utmost importance; lastly because they have essential items you need to make an outfit really pop!


Any tattoos? Piercings?

Just my ears but no tats, this is one thing Mama Lorinda will not tolerate! She compares it to putting a bumper sticker on a Ferrari, I personally just think it’s the old-school Italian coming out in her


What’s your favorite purchase from Muse?

I have so many!! Okay, I would have to say that my favorite purchase ever is this green dress that ties at the waste and flows down from there. It has a V-Neck line and extraordinary silver embellishment on the sleeves that also flow out as well. Just when you think it couldn’t get any better right? There’s pockets too ladies!!

Whats your muse? What inspires you?

My future inspires me.


I feel as though I have spent so much time educating myself, and still have so much more time to go, that by the end of this all I will be successful. I chose my career because I knew that by reporting on topics I am so passionate for, and with my ability to network, I will naturally be living a happy life prospering & learning every single day.

Any final thoughts?

I can’t wait to see how far I succeed!


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Twitter: @DailyDoseee