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The Return of Monthly Muse! - Avery Russell Fu*k Yeah!

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So we’ve been gone. We know, we know. But we are coming back in the baddest most fears way possible. 

Welcome to 2015, hold on to your butts.

Avery Russell stole our collective Muse hearts the first time she walked in wearing all black, dropped her coat on the floor, and rocked everything we put on her in. What can we say, self-confidants plus the ability to laugh at yourself gets us every time. Since then Avery's a highlight of our, almost every day, lives, and we can't be more happy. Her “love your body inside and out” ideals sends shivers down our spines and we knew immediately that we’ve found a soul-mate in this one.

A special thank you Mikey Glasgow, @themikeycam for taking these images!

Avery Russell January 2015 Monthly Muse


Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? How’d you end up at Mizzou? My names Avery Laurel Russell, I am 20 years young and from Kansas City, Missouri. There is some alumni history in the family, both my dad and brother went here. I really fell in love with the school when I visited for the first time ever, for some reason it was alternative from any other Missouri vibe I had felt before.

Tell us about your style?

I like to think of my style as different than anyone's you would see walking around the streets of Columbia, whether I am just bumming it out for the day or getting ready to work bottle service at Ten Below for the night, I turn heads. I live by the phrase all black everything, but love to collect unique pieces that most don't dare to pick up off the rack. However, less is more, I make sure not to cross the fine line between classy and trashy.

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Where do you draw your outf

it inspiration?

I get my inspirations from no one else but myself.  I know what looks good on me and what doesn't work either. I stay up to date with trends, but they do not define me.

How’d you find Muse? Why do you think you and Muse work together so well?

How did I not find Muse?! This store is so different than anything Columbia has to offer, and I felt at home literally right as I walked in that front door. There's such a wide variety of styles, both vintage and modern, yet a very clear representation of what Muse has to offer. I fell in love with this place's staff, decor, owner, everything from clothing to accessories, and the fact that I get to play dress up with all my good friends


We and everyone else we know is obsessed with your Instagram. Tell us a little about that.How’d you start with photo shots, do you use it as your person insta or your modeling one only? Who dresses you for your shoots? I obsess over that thing too. I like reading all the comments, whether good or bad, and enjoy what I can stumble upon while using it. I've always aspired to be a model since I was young, but never thought my look was something special. I started doing photo shoots after I was scouted on the beach in Cabo over spring break when I was 18. (Yeah, my brother didn't like that one.) My personal Instagram is my only account, modeling is a huge part of my life but not the only thing I do with my free time, nor does it define me. In regards to the styling of my shoots though, it's all me. I enjoy hearing others inputs and ideas. I got everything from style, body, and personality from my Mama I thank God for that women everyday. Hopefully I see myself continue to grow, who would have thought Instagram would amount to what it has become.

Who’s your favorite photographer (ones that have shot you)?

 My favorite photographer is definitely my main man Mikey Glasgow, @themikeycam. He has been working with me for a long time and has seen me evolve throughout it. Mikey always reminds me that I've got it, appreciates and relates to my style, and believes I can establish myself some day. Together we're able to consistently get the money shot.


What do you do in your down time?

 There's not much down time between working, modeling, and mothering my precious little French Bulldog, Ivy. However, I miraculously find time to spend immense amounts of money at Muse?? My figure is important so I make sure I'm looking my best. Modeling is a part of my lifestyle along with everything else I mentioned above. To escape from the real world I like to consider myself that classy female who enjoys loud trap music, who can also be adventurous. God bless mother nature and all it's beautiful assets.

What do you do in your down time?

 Two piercings that are just on my ears and I have no desire to do anything else. Now let's talk about my tattoos! The sentimental value of my neck/back piece embodies my Native American heritage, ties together my relationship with my sister exemplifying how we balance each other out, and always will. Interestingly enough though, I had my brother draw the sketch and couldn't have expected anything better. I also have a tattoo going down my hip in French, "Défiez la gravité" meaning defy gravity. This piece is especially important to me because it expresses my love for dancing. All throughout my childhood to adolescent years I was in ballet and the language of the art has a predominantly French influence. Not to mention, living on this Earth I try to defy gravity everyday and will continue to do so.



What’s your favorite purchase from Muse?

 To be honest, I love every purchase from Muse… Call me basic. Their sh*t is everything.

What your muse? What inspires you?

 My muse is my motivation, and my motivation is to be successful. I need to fulfill my dream of establishing myself so I can create my own swimwear and lingerie line. The human specimen is such a beautiful thing. I want women to feel empowered even without their clothes on, to cherish what was given to them, and to love to be in their own skin.


Any final thoughts?

My thoughts are all final..I poured my heart out, in all honesty.

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Something to look forward too... Feb 2015