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Monthly Muse: McKenna Frances

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McKenna Frances

McKenna Frances

Monthly Muse: McKenna Frances

By Rebecca Mardikes

October 25, 2016


Muse Clothing: How would you describe your everyday style?

MF: I wear mostly black, grungy yet fashionable clothing. Combat boots and skinny jeans are my favorites. I love to dress up in heels and a dress to go out.


Muse Clothing: How would you describe aspirational style?

MF: It honestly would be Muse Clothing store. I would just have the entire store in my closet and be perfectly happy with it.


Muse Clothing: What is your job?

MF: I am a labor and delivery nurse and a side show performer.


Muse Clothing: How did you first find being a nurse as one of your passions?

MF: I’ve always liked the concept of medicine throughout my childhood. I just walked into nursing then and fell in love with it. I then accidentally fell in love with labor and delivery, which has become my dream job.


Muse Clothing: How did you get involved with Theatre Bizarre?

MF: My piercer at the time told me to check out this event. I went and saw body suspension for the first time at Theatre Bizarre and realized it was something I had to do. I made friends with the practitioners at the event and performed my first time with Theatre Bizarre that next year.

John Dunivant created Theatre Bizarre. He is a Detroit based artist. It is inside the Masonic Temple. The event takeovers six floors and it presents everything from sideshow acts to burlesque shows. There are clowns and devils that interact with the crowd. It’s the biggest costume party you will have ever seen.


Muse Clothing: How did you first move to Columbia? How long have you been here?

MF: I first moved to Columbia, MO two and a half years ago for my current job. I have my dream job here and I plan on staying in Columbia for a while. I really enjoy the fast-paced environment.


Muse Clothing: How did you first discover Muse Clothing? What are your favorite elements of the clothing?

MF: I discovered Muse Clothing during Dog Days of Summer two years ago. I noticed the racks outside, went in the store and fell in love. I like that it is affordable high fashion. You can find unique pieces but it doesn’t wreck your bank account.



Muse Clothing: Who/what are your influences to fashion inspiration?

MF: Muse Clothing Owner Nickie Davis is a huge fashion influencer for me. A lot of my friends have very similar styles to me and I really appreciate finding inspiration from their alternative styles.



Muse Clothing: Who is your muse?

MF: My girlfriend Star is my muse. She is my muse because she inspires me to be myself and to not be scared of what other people think. I can express myself in ways that I would not always do on my own. She inspires me in my day-to-day life and helped me grow into myself. 


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