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Monthly Muse - Marshida “Brenee’ Harris

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Okay, okay, okay. We know you've seen her here,


And here


And this one


And in all those


But what can we say?! Her look (and what she stands for) spoke to us and now we have a desktop full of folders with "Marshida" all over them. So we thought maybe you should get to know this Muse Model. Great customer from day one. To resident model, and now Monthly Muse.

Lets check her out.


Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from, what are you doing here? etc... etc..

Hey everyone I’m Marshida “Brenee’ Harris and I'm from St. Louis, MO. I am currently a senior at the University of Missouri, double majoring in Black Studies & Sports Management.


 How would you describe your personal style? Have you always loved to dress?


I would describe my personal style as essential. A lot of the times I’m super busy on campus from class to meeting to class again so I love things that flow. I love off the shoulder tops, jersey knit materials, boyfriend cut jeans, accent pieces and “essentials”. Though, after class is over I definitely turn up the sexy. As a woman I love to accent my assets (lol). “You can’t draw a woman with straight lines, no straight lines” is what Sofia Vergara says in the new Kmart commercials and I definitely live by that saying. I love bodycon dresses for the night with a pair of my favorite shoes. Then I’ll top it off with an accent piece. I don’t believe in killing someone’s eyes with a lot going on but being a silent killer with class. So a bright shoe, clutch, dress, hat etc. Just one, not too many.

Kill’em with that body, honey!


And tell us a little about your amazing shoes.


Shoes...oh shoes how I admire you so. Lol no really. Shoes are the foundation of your outfit. If you don’t have nice shoes then you're all thrown off. Though, I’m a size 11 so I always have difficulty finding good shoes at a college students prices. So, I came across Jeffery Campbell my senior year in high school and have not stopped. I own about 6 pair of his shoes and they are THE BEST! They are the perfect collaboration of edge, comfort and style. I love the monstrous styles and the more classy styles. I usually purchase them form Solestruck, Nordstrom or Karmaloop. I love boots also. I get most of my boots from Steve Madden. Great styles and great prices. Then if I’m looking for something different I also look at Topshop. Love them and they go up to an 11.5 so yes honey 2 snaps and a head roll on that one. Otherwise I just wear sneakers. Nike is all I trust in the sneaker world. ;)



Tattoos are interesting. I have 4 and I’m getting more done. All of my tattoos are “Black Liberation” inspired. I have Bob Marley’s Redemption Song lyrics on my arm; I have an Andinkra (African tribe) symbol for the power of love on my lower stomach, Nefertiti on my side, an Ankh and the eye of Ra and Horus on my back. So you can see I’m pretty inclusive with my tattoo ideas. I don’t like the idea of a bunch of random tattoos just to say you have them. They are a path of my body art.


You have an amazing blog, and you live by your motto of "queendom" could you explain what this means and how you came up with this idea?

My blog is entitled “SincerelyBrenee” Brenee’ is my middle name and I feel it is a name that is my own seeing as how Marshida is a name made from my mother and fathers (Maurice + Ishida=Marshida). Irk. Amazing. So my blog is a multipurpose blog and one aspect of my blog are the #QueendomBuilding letters. I identify as a black feminist and my gathering of #QueendomBuilding letters is part of my feminist work. These letters are Queen’s and Princess’s stories on how they Queendombuild essentially. This is their story on how everyday is a strive to be better women through there circumstances and situations. These stories are inspirational and I encourage every Queen and princess to share their story because you never know whom you can inspire.


Other than #QueendomBuilding there is BeYou which highlights individuals expressing themselves through fashion and style. BeNatural that highlights natural hair and health. BeHeard is where we discuss Hip Hop, social, economic and political issues. BeInspired where we highlight visual artists and ask them questions about their work and then there is wordtoyamotha that is my twitter hashtag. Many people may not know but I formed my blog to align with the elements of Hip Hop. Something people do not know about me is that I love Hip Hop. So the elements of my blog are aligned with the elements of Hip Hop.

BeHeard,Wordtoyamotha/MCee&DJ,BeYou,BeInspired/Graffitti&BBoy/Girl #QueendomBuilding,BeNatural/Knowledge of culture.


I think from the first time you walked in the store we made you start modeling for us.

Why do you think you and Muse Clothing fit so well together?

I believe that I fit very well with Muse because Muse had no limitations. I believe too many times in society we find our self in spaces where there are strict limitations to what you can and cannot do. Society judges us for expectations fulfilled and not fulfilled. Though in Muse everything was very easy and flowing. Muse was a place where what you wore or what you desired to wear was dope no matter what it was. Your style was your expression and sometimes you need real creative freedom.


Whats your favorite purchase from Muse?

My favorite purchase at muse thus far has to be my Cheap Monday cat eye sunglasses. They are so dope and so me. I love the polarized lens and the sexy sophisticated mystique about them. Plus, I can put them on with all my other Muse purchases!

What are your Muses? Blogs, models, people, anything?

I used be so in admiration of Rihanna. Yes so hot and from Barbados with all the edge you can ever ask for. I still kind of am but I finally picked up my bottom lip after a while. I used to model every outfit she had on with the help of my favorite fashion blog Now I really like Solange and Tracee Ellis Ross. Solange is very eclectic with her style and always makes a statement with her natural hair and tribal prints. Tracee rocks her body well so I feel like I try to embody both of their styles at times to create my own. They are hot to me!

Thank you so much. We'll be seeing more from you (that's a fact). You've very inspirational.

I would like to say BeYou. No matter what society doesn’t agree with no matter what you never thought you would do, do it. Have fun with no regrets and love yourself first. You are an original and not a copy of anyone else’s work. So in the words of RuPaul... “Covergirl! Put some bass in your walk, head to toe, let your whole body talk.” -Yes I used to listen to this song before every fashion show. Lol (still do kind of)!




Check her out at

IG: Marshida92/SincerelyBrenee_

Twitter: BlackRoyalty92

Facebook: Marshida “BlackBeauty” Harris