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Monthly Muse - Leia Taylor

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It’s Monthly Muse time people! Yeah we know, you’ve been waiting and wondering. But guess what, we are busy people, busy being awesome.

So this is our first Monthly Muse. We have an intense need to show off our AMAZING and inspiring customers. YOU are our Muse and we wanna thank you.


Leia Taylor was a no brainier. She rocks everything she wears (from target uniform to bra and fringe top),


every third person that came in within the first couple of weeks said they heard about us (Muse) from her, and her amazing personality embodies Muse’s one of a kind atmosphere. In short, we love Leia. Here’s her interview.



Muse: Tell us about yourself?

Leia: I am a junior at Mizzou from Chicago. My major is Mass Media Communication and I am interested in having a career in radio. It used to be broadcast at first.


Muse: I could definitely see you working in radio!

Leia: Thank you!


Muse: Describe your style.

Leia: Um, I don’t really think I have a set style I just kind of go with the mood. Sometimes I’m like “Oh want to be a little hipster-ish.” Or “I want to be more sassy or urban” so I guess it just depends on how I feel since I don’t have a set style, I just have a bunch of stuff I can pick from.


Muse: What is fashion to you?

Leia: I think it’s just whatever you like. A lot of people try to knock others for not following the trends but a trend is a trend, eventually it’s going to get played out, so I feel like there is really no reason to put so much effort into it; like why spend so much money on one thing. I think it’s just whatever you like, whatever looks good on you.

Muse: You picked this amazing 3D flower top and breezy black shorts as your go to awesome outfit. Why?

Leia: I picked that one because it’s flirty and sassy and pink. One of my favorite colors. I like the 3D floral top because it’s really cute and it goes with a lot of different stuff.


Muse: What do you look for whenever you go into a store and buy something?

Leia: What do I look for? It just depends. You know sometimes I will go shopping with a certain thing in mind like “Okay, I’m going to buy jeans today” or “I need more tops” something like that. But sometimes I go into a store and I’m just like “Well okay well whatever I find I’m going to buy if I like it” like the first time I came here (Muse) I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, I was just coming to look and check it out and then I just found stuff that I liked and I didn’t buy it for a purpose I just bought it to wear it when I wear it. So sometimes I do go shopping for a reason like if it’s about to be fall I will get more sweaters then other times I may have extra money and see a dress that I love.


Muse: So make sure there is variety?

Leia: Yeah, it varies you know I don’t like to buy too many of the same things.

Muse: Who is your “Muse” or inspiration?

Leia: Hmm. I don’t know, I don’t really think I look to one specific person for their style. I like the way Beyoncé dresses, I like the way Kim Kardashian dresses. It really just depends on what look I’m going for but I mean I just look in Elle or Vogue or online at fashion blogs and kinda see what other people are doing not to copy them but to see and say “Oh this is sorta cool” but I don’t try to dress like anyone particular. Like some girls are like “I’m gonna dress like Beyoncé” or “I’m gonna try to dress like Rihanna” but if I see something that looks cool then I may want to try it out.


Muse: Do you have any tattoos?

Leia: Yeah, I have three. One on my back, right ankle, and left leg. The one on my ankle I got with my cousin that means love. The others are a Chicago flag and the one i got on my back is a symbol of domestic violence for Mom.

Muse: Well do you have any last words?

Leia: This is my favorite store in Columbia! I’ll say that!

Muse: Well thank you for your time!

Check out this amazing chic out at Instagram leiat29 or twitter leiavuitton