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Monthly Muse - Jonny Pez

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So about Jonny. What can we say?! He came in, he bought a pair of raw denim, did the pre-soak (newbies see this) and wore them in wet. He's awesome and we love him.


Muse: Tell me about yourself. Where are you from?

Pez: I'm from Saint Louis, Missouri, specifically Chesterfield. I work at Ragtag Cinema and PS: Gallery. I am also an aspiring independent video game developer and all around "digital artist."


Muse: Where did you go to college and what did you major in?

Pez: I went to Mizzou and graduated in 2005. I have a bachelor’s degree in fine arts with an emphasis in photography. I started with an emphasis in painting but eventually went to photography because of digital interests and skill.

Muse: So you are developing a video game? Tell us about that.

Pez: It is an abstract strategy game.

Muse: For us non-tech people can you compare that to another game for us to get an idea?

Pez: (Laughs) Right, so you could compare it to a game like chess, checkers or tic-tac-toe. It's a game that takes thinking. It took my about one month to develop my first prototype. It's one of many that I want to develop and eventually publish on all sorts of platforms.

Muse: Let switch focus to Fashion! At Muse we know you have awesome personal style and that’s why we wanted to interview you. How would you describe your personal style?


Pez: I really go for a classic and minimalist look. Less trendy and can stand the test of time. I like clothing your grandfather wore, but more fitted. Clothes that look better with age and fit to your body. I am very tall and slender so shopping can be challenging. Getting things tailored is key.

Muse: You describe yourself as a minimalist. Do you like color in your wardrobe?


Pez: I pay attention to color but I am drawn to mostly neutrals: white, black, grey, navy and brown. Those colors will always go together. I do have a bright yellow tee from MUSE by Groceries Apparel. I love it. It's good to break your own rules now and then.


Muse: What catches your eye the most in MUSE?


Pez: The denim. You guys carry raw denim from Naked and Famous which is hard to find in town. I have been wanting a pair for quite some time. They have longer sizes which works great for me. I'm also drawn to the Groceries tee-shirts. They are incredibly comfortable, a little longer than most, and made in the USA.


Muse: Do you ever shop online? Besides of course.

Pez: I have ordered a custom suit from, but I still needed to get it tailored. I would rather shop in person due to my height and seeing it on.

Muse: When you were growing up how did your dad dress? Are you two similar in your style?

Pez: We were quite different when I was growing up. My father dressed very conservative for work (think boxy suits and wide ties) when I was wearing cutup jeans that were too baggy (hey, grunge was "in"). Today you could say I dress more like my father, but with a much slimmer fit. I have fewer sneakers and more leather shoes than ever before. I think turning 30 flipped a switch somewhere in my fashion brain.

Muse: When you were young did anyone inspire you style-wise?

Pez: Kurt Cobain. I had the long hair with an under shave. After that The Prodigy. I dyed my hair a lot  and spiked it up. I went through lots of boxes of dye. (Laughs)



Muse: Who/what is your muse?

Pez: Independent game developers. Small teams creating games and publishing games without a studio. Very similar to independent movies, indie developers have creative freedom. They respect their audience and don’t dumb people down. Jonathan Blow who developed the indie game Braid is an inspiration for me.

Muse: We are wrapping up the interview now but wondered if you have a favorite quote or saying that you would like to share?

Pez: “We accept the love we think we deserve.” -Stephen Chbosky

”frameface” ”frameface”

Muse: Thank you for talking with us today Jonny Pez!!