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Monthly Muse – Jennifer Hovis

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If you're downtown as often as we are, you know Jennifer Hovis. If you don't know her you've seen her or know of her. Hair stylist to the Columbia stars, her reputation precedes her. Self-decried as goth red headed Barbie. Jen is one of our favorite people, not only fashion wise but the shit that comes out of her mouth will literally leave you speechless (much like these amazing pictures Mark Lovelace @ Midnight Films took of our Jen).


Here with her partner, Brandon

Muse: Tell me abut yourself. Where are you from?

Hovis - I’m from Columbia. I’m a hair stylist at Salon Nefisa.

Muse: Any fun hobbies?

Hovis - Styling of course. Does being a wino count?

Muse: How would you describe your personal style?

Hovis - I have been told I’m a gothic red headed Barbie. I wear a lot of black. Spikes. Silk shirts. Basics. Depends on my mood.


Muse: What is your favorite color to wear?

Hovis - Black and teal greens. I don’t care for pink or neon.

Muse: What catches your eye the most in MUSE?

Hovis - Nickie the owner! (laughs) Oh clothing wise? I love Cheap Monday jeans. I love Kill City as well, a friend of mine Jen Terry is a designer for them. Its dope to finally have Kill City in Columbia. I love the leather bandeau by Kill City.


Muse: Whats your favorite purchase from Muse?

Hovis - My favorite purchase is the “Too dumb for New York too ugly for LA” by Burgers and Friends. Its super comfy and goes with anything.

Muse: Do you keep up with any blogs online?

Hovis - I am obsessed with Hannah Beth's blog. I have been following it forever. I love her style and the way she puts together outfits.


Some sweet pictures we creeped off  her Insta

Muse: When you were young did anyone inspire you style wise?

Hovis - Matilda and Shirley Temple! I made my Mom spiral roll my hair in sponge curlers every night. I liked my hair like Shirley Temple with the bow and everything. Then dressed like Matilda. I had red cowboy boots that I wore everyday.

Muse: Do you have any tattoos?

Hovis - I have 5. One from my hip to knee cap its a collage piece with a vintage barbie, lipstick, flowers and a vintage perfume bottle. I have a cupcake on my toe. One on my hip that says “party monster” That I got with my girlfriend. My favorite though is on my left foot and is my “mom tat” It says “Lady 1963” for my mother Linda Lou.


Muse: Who/what is your muse?

Hovis - Getting creative with new clients in the chair. Something different and trendy with color. Learning new techniques and using them. I like to learn on my own. I love building relationships with my clients.

Muse: Do you have favorite quote or saying that you would like to share?

Hovis - “I buy you books and all you do is eat the pages.” - My grandpa


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