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Monthly Muse - Jay and Tuesday

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Monthly Muse – Jay and Tuesday

Lovingly known as Tuesday Wednesday Thursday, Tuesday Critz quickly became a Muse regular. Usually armed with her wicked hot boyfriend (Jay Vipon) by her side, Tuesday and Jay's easy (yet incredibly put together) street style made the couple a Muse Monthly must. Here's their interview.

Muse: Tell us a little bit about yourselves.

Jay: I’m originally from Quincy, Illinois and I moved here (Columbia, MO) in 2005 and I really like the town. I work at Columbia College and I am a software developer so I do most of the web stuff. I’m in a band called Kovusari, it’s sort of progressive experimental rock n' roll (Look them up – super sweet).


Tuesday: I’m from Rolla, MO and I moved here for college and I just stuck around. I work in Jeff City at a vegan restaurant and a AMEC in the Cultural Resource Management department.

Muse: What school did you go to and what was your major?

Tuesday: Mizzou and anthropology. That’s how I met Nickie (owner of Muse Clothing)! We had a Native American Religion class.

Muse: If you each could describe your style to me.

Tuesday: For me I think it’s just a juxtaposition of the things I see around me and then trying to take that and make it something that’s unique.

Jay: I like really basic things, real simple and kind of form fitting.



Muse: What are some of the things you look for when you go shopping for clothing?

Tuesday: I like bright colors. I also think it is really important that clothes fit your body type; so I have no boobs so I have to find clothes that will look good on me. So I think that is really important, that the clothing fits your body type.

Jay: I just look for something that really catches my eye; something that isn’t the run of the mill.


Muse: Who is your Muse? Be it a friend, celebrity, anyone?

Tuesday: I feel like I would be more influenced by street style, just taking things that I see on other people and that I think is cute. And Keira Knightly's style. I think she sort of gave me a bit of confidence in being flat chested and that being okay.


Muse: What are some of your favorite places to go to?

Tuesday: Now Muse! We like Muse a lot.

Jay: Target

Tuesday: Yeah we like Target a lot. Every time I go there I end up with a handful of clothes. I also love H&M, it is probably my biggest Achilles' heel.


When wrapping up that interview we asked them how they met. Tuesday immediately answered “At Ragtag, I was there with some friends, saw him across the room and said “I call him””. And that was that. One of Muse Clothing's most fashionable couples....