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Monthly Muse - Andrew O'Haro

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You know how you go shopping to your favorite stores, you see those pieces that you love - the ones you wish you could figure out how to wear? Or you see those pictures on Pinterest or The Sartorialist that look like this or like this and all you can think is "Who the HELL just walks around looking like that??!" Well let me tell you my friend, let me tell you. His name is Andrew and he is one boss-ass dude. Here at Muse we are all about self-expression without judgment and throwing the collective middle finger at what society's mediocrity says you should look and dress like (...unless that works for you...whatever floats your boat man). Andrew is the one who can take even us to task in the strut-your-stuff fashion department. But as amazing as every single outfit that he puts on his body is, it's not about the clothing. It's about whats going on underneath them...wait.


Muse:  Tell us a little about yourself? Where are you from?


AO: My name is Andrew O’Haro and I’m from Oklahoma.


I moved to Columbia my sophomore year it was

definitely a welcome change. I go to Mizzou and study industrial engineering with a minor in textile and

apparel management. I’m doing the 5 year MBA program through the engineering department so when

I graduate I will have a bachelors in industrial engineering and an MBA.


Muse: Where do you want to go after you graduate? Ambitions?

AO: My dream is to move to New York City, but in general a large metropolitan. I don’t know that

I will necessarily focus on industrial engineering. It’s a great degree and unique, but I have a

lot of different ambitions. I would like to work corporate management dealing with employee

infrastructure. I love working with people. If I ended up in Paris managing a fashion house. I

would be totally okay with that!

Muse: How would you describe your personal style? Have you always loved fashion?

AO: My style is hard to define. I like to describe it as rocker with a classy edge.


I’m always wearing something leather. I’m obsessed with studs, spikes, and combat boots, but I love dressing it up. I have

another side to my style too though; dress shoes, pin stripes, bow ties and suspenders. I don’t like to be

tied down by one style or label. I can take one piece and make it my own.

Even when I was a little kid I always loved dressing up. Even as a child I had a 3 piece suit. When I was

little I would try on my mom’s heels. I was always very curious about fashion. I really started defining my

own style in middle school and high school. I started shopping at express. I am very tall and skinny, so

when I found express I finally found clothes that were fitted and worked with my body. Senior year of

high school I came out and was no longer tied down to “dressing straight” I was able to express myself

through fashion. I started dressing more eccentric and true to myself. Paying more attention to fast

fashion like H&M, forever 21 and exploring boutiques and vintage.


Muse: We have already talked about how coming out effected your style. What was it like coming out?

How did it affect your life?


AO: I came out to my best friend in high school first. My family sat me down before I went to college and

talked with me about how they thought I was struggling with being gay. They do think it is a choice,

which is something we disagree on. We may have different views on the subject but they are wonderful

people and a huge part of my life. I can’t really explain the feeling of not having to hide anymore. I still

get looks and comments on the street but I don’t mind it. I would rather be myself. It has made me take

a step back when I meet people, to not judge them and understand that they are dealing with their own

shit too. I think it our jobs as human being to alleviate that pain and stress and help others.


Muse: How did you find about MUSE? When your first time in? Why do you love it?

AO: I love downtown Columbia so I was walking around downtown and saw it. I came in and fell in love

instantly. It was great to finally find a local store with unique clothes that you don’t see in Missouri. Even

in Saint Louis and Kansas City there just isn’t fashion like MUSE has. It like our own little piece of Los

Angeles or New York. My first time in I actually shopped more on the girls side and the staff loved it! Not

only are the clothes amazing but the staff is so accepting. I can tell how much Nickie (the owner) loves

her store and puts so much effort in what she is bringing to Columbia.

Muse: What’s your favorite purchase from Muse?

AO: My favorite has to be my original purchase which are the fishnet leggings.


It’s a close second to my dime piece crop top. The leggings are so different and eye catching. I can wear them with

anything and drop it like it’s hot, they are so comfy! The crop top is my favorite because it’s such

a statement piece.


I wore a crop top my first day of school this year. The reaction was priceless.

Looks of “Did I see that right?” It was amazing.

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Muse: Do you have any piercings or tattoos?

AO: Not yet. I will be waiting until after my undergrad then I defiantly want a bunch of tattoos. My middle

name means raven in Gaelic so I want a raven in flight on my back from shoulder blade to shoulder

blade. I want an anchor on my thigh with an infinity symbol integrated into it. I want this to remind me of

all the people who have kept me grounded through my life and that I’m eternally grateful. Piercing wise

I want a cartilage piercing and possibly something more that we won’t discuss here….


Muse: Fashion icon? What your muse? What inspires you?

AO: My number one fashion icon is Coco Chanel. I know that can sound a little cliché but she was a warrior for

fashion and herself. During the time period she was designing it was expected for women to dress very

feminine and in restricted clothing. She was the first to bring in suits for women, loose fitting clothing, and

a more masculine style to women.


My favorite quote from her is “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”

Even now Chanel designs are dark, edgy, pushing the bar and unique. Staying ahead of the

standard in fashion.

Miley Cyrus is a recent fashion influence. She has branched out and become the person she sees herself

as which is what I aspire to do. She wears and does what she wants without concern of what people

think. I respect her bravery and uniqueness despite all of her critics.

Muse: Final thoughts?


AO: I am an inspiration for people who want to branch out and not give a fuck what everyone thinks. If

you think you look great in what you have on don’t let anyone tell you different. Be yourself always in

fashion and life.