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Groceries Apparel and why you need to own they're stuff...

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So if you haven't seen their (100% hemp) tags by now you obviously need to fellow us on Instagram and/or GET IN THE STORE.

But let me break it down for you.

So you know how you want to do the right thing and buy organic and USA made clothing? But how organic clothing are all created with wealthy yoga retreat loving 50 year olds in mind? Don't get me wrong I love me a good yoga retreat but come on! $150 for a tunic? And yes we all would buy USA made clothing if we could find it, it was reasonable price, and it didn't look like a craft project your Nana had made for you.

This is why we say Halelujah for Groceries Apparel! Stress over your sweatshop made clothing no more! Groceries Apparel is a not so small up-start not only based in LA but 100% made in LA. All their fabrics are GOTS Certified Organic, GMO-free and knitted in the US. But WAIT there’s more! California and North Carolina-grown cotton as well as 100% unprocessed non-toxic hemp (THE softest thing you'll ever put on your body). Recycled plastic, recycled denim! Geez! Groceries calm it down a little bit!


Rob (one of the creators of Groceries) says “Consumers are more socially-conscious with their dollars and want to support companies that are forward-thinking and thoughtful about their products. We believe Groceries Apparel can help drive consumer demand for more sustainable clothing, and organic and recycled fabric.”  - We like to think so. Lets get it together world!


Shop Groceries Apparel at Muse Clothing and save the world!!


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