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Faux Fashion: from Iconic to Ironic

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Lets be honest, like any art, Fashion is a spectators sport. But what are the style obsessed to do when they’re tired of being a benchwarmer? Why create our own game of course and on this court the ironic fashion tee is LeBron James. Take one part iconic imagery from the world’s most famous fashion houses, add a dash of parody and Voila! Snarky and stylish?

I’m sold! ”damnbruse”

Besides, these tongue and cheek spins on classic “status symbols” are decidedly more cool. Here at Muse we love blurring the lines between the sidewalk and the catwalk and what better way to do so than throwing on a beanie emblazoned with the words “Comme des F Down”. Brilliant no? If you don’t believe us just look at rap star and self proclaimed “Fashion Killa” A$AP Rocky.


How about a T with the Gap logo that instead reads TRAP?


(Alright, Gap is admittedly not quite a high end label, but hey incorporating music AND style trends into one piece more than makes up for it) Want something a little more straight forward? Try a Dimepiece shirt that reads like the guest list and any fashion followers dream dinner party.


Better off Dead, a label coming to the store soon, pokes fun at labels ranging from YSL and Louis Vuitton to Rodarte.

”rodarte” ”lvlvlvlvlvlvlv” No matter which house is your favorite, next time you find yourself drooling over a designer piece that would cost you a years salary just knock it off! (pun intended)