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Monthly Muse - Travis Mayers

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Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? Where are you going?

I am Travis Mayes from St. Louis MO. I am a textiles and apparel management student that is in training to be a personal stylist for an artist or organization.

How was it growing up in the STL?

St. Louis wasn’t too bad; I’ve had a nice childhood with many memories and enjoyed my time as a kid. I’ve always been a sports kind of guy from playing track and field, roller and ice hockey, basketball, football, karate and soccer.

How’d you get into fashion?

Getting into fashion kind of came up on me as I got older. I was always a fashionable person but it got deeper as I began to start wanting to look better and style my outfits more. In 5 years I hope to be working for a big company in New York or overseas styling for high-end runway shows and music videos and getting paid $10,000 a shoot.

Tell us about your style?

My style is very unorthodox and old school. I get inspiration from everywhere to the birds chirping in the morning to misty windy nights. I look and pay attention to everything and use that to my advantage in my style. It could be a homeless man on the street that could give me an idea of how I would want to wear a shirt from the way it looks on me to the way it hangs off of me. I’m on social media a lot so I would say my style comes a little from that, but I try to not mimic as much as possible and stay true to myself.

Silk button up over vintage short sleeve sweater. Naked and Famous jeans.

How’d you find Muse? Why do you think you and Muse work together so well?

I found Muse on a regular day strolling downtown. I believe you were still in the process of getting the store in order but were open for customers. I think with the care free attitude I have and the attitude of Muse, it kind of works well together. You have to be yourself at the end of the day and Muse gives you character but at the same time still staying true to yourself and your own style.

You have a “no shits giving” attitude when it comes to your style. You have the ability to throw anything on and make it work like no other.  It took you all of 15 minutes to pull ALL the outfits for our shoot and they all look amazing (collar on collar!? Silk over sweater?!)! When did you stop caring about what others think and rock what you know looks good? How did you come to that point?

I stopped caring about what others think when my style started working for me and people were giving me compliments on it. I actually used to get bullied every single day in elementary school when I would walk to the bus stop and people use to laugh at my outfit and shoes because I couldn’t afford the expensive garments and my mom could only get what we could afford. Now even though people love my style I don’t look at myself as a cocky person or anything in that manner, I just love what I do and am appreciative that people love what I can put together. I feel when I use to get bullied that made me into a better person today to say “I’m not going to care what people think about what I have on” I’m going to do and wear what I like. It’s so funny because now in society today the "broke cheap look" is cool now. Lol.

Tell us about the items you make? Where do your ideas come from?

With the items I make today my ideas just come from thoughts. Billions of thoughts from the music I listen to, people around me, magazines basically just anything period. I’m always researching, always. In this fashion game today you have to be ahead and on top of your style that you want to present to the public.

Make your clothing vs. shopping? Which would you choose?

I would say it’s 50/50. I like shopping at thrift stores because you never know what you’re going to come across but then you can find some old garments in your house and play around with them and make something incredible.

It’s obvious to us. But what sets you apart from others?

I think what set’s me apart from others is just my demeanor with how I wear my clothes, swag and just the presentation period.

What’s your favorite purchase from Muse?

Probably what I purchased today lol, which was the olive dark green shirt sleeve sweater. I just like it because it’s so simple yet can go with everything if you match it the correct way.

What’s your muse? What inspires you?

I think when people tell me I’m doing a good job or just give me an inspiration to keep doing what I’m doing, that’s my muse, an just believing in myself, period.


Find Travis on Twitter: @_MrAboveTheRim IG: @americanbambino Facebook: Travis Alex Mayes