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Monthly Muse - Sammy Boy and Mer Mer Q

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Not sure what it is about this amazing dynamic duo that had us hooked from the start but what we can say is this, we are fucking hooked. Customers, turned friends, turned random workers. These two are more a part of the Muse family then most of the Muse family. And thats legit. While Meredith Quinn is our staple heart beat and res Japanese street wear pro, Sam Hargett is our go to funny guy - Us: "Hey what should we put on our sandwich board sign" Sam: "Prices so hot you'll think we didn't turn the AC on for finical reasons" slash instant male model, and we don't even have to dress him! And the fact that they come as a package makes it all the better!

While Mer is off to Japan in a couple of months and Sam continues to sub for "absent" employees when I freak out and call him at a minutes notice. We obsessively track there moves via intsa when one of us (Muse employees) aren't already texting them. We love them like brothers and sisters here is our interview with Samuel and Meredith!


Tell us a little about yourselves. Where are you from? Where are you going?

Meredith - I'm from the north west suburbs of Chicago. I came to Mizzou two years after doing community college for a bit. I'm working towards being an English teacher here, but I also spend lots of time working at Kaldi's which I love. But right now I'm most excited about my trip to Japan in May. Excited but nervous too!


What she wore in.

Sam - I grew up here in Columbia. Right now I'm working as a cook doing catering for Greek houses. I love cooking and could definitely see myself doing that long term.

How was it growing up in the CoMo?

Sam - Como as a kid was great, I think it's important to be exposed to a decent amount of weirdness as a child.

(To Meredith) So why Japan?

Meredith - I have been interested in Japan since I was about 13. It started with Gwen Stefani's album Love Angel Music Baby and the track "Harajuku Girls". It describes this amazing alternative culture, and it's how I became fascinated with the street fashion in Tokyo. Over the years it's grown to an interest not only in that but traditional culture too. I'm planning a trip that has elements of both, so it really will be an amazing trip. Japan really seems to be a country that truly melds east and west together, combining the old and the new in the most amazing way.


How’d you two meet?

Meredith - Totally by accident! I downloaded Tinder on a whim as a kind of confidence booster. We got matched and started talking. We had so many things in common that we had lots to talk about. Not too long after that he asked me out on a date. We went to Kampai; it was amazing. We've been together ever since!

Sam - I remember being totally drawn by her smile. I asked her out for sushi and we were Facebook official like a week later.

(To Meredith) Tell us about the other love – your rats!

I've had rats for a long time! Lots of different pairs because they only live a few years, but they're great company. They really are like little dogs. They're very smart and they have their own distinctive personalities. Marceline and Sophie are the two I have now, and they're wonderful. They're a good support for when I'm feeling down; I can always count on them to make me feel better.


(To Sam) Tell us about the other love – your motorcycle.


New bike job.

Oh yeah, she's a klr 650 that I ride basically year round. I laid her down a while back and since then took off all the fairings and put on an old school round headlight, right now it looks a little rough but I like the mad max vibe.

Tell us about your style? (To Meredith)Do you think Japan street-wear inspires you?


Mer - My style is kind of all over, and honestly most of the time I'm kind of lazy. Jeans, t-shirts, and a pair of sneakers or my Dr. Martens are my go-to's. But I also love that kind of rockabilly vibe, old school dresses with big skirts and cool patterns. I wear stuff like that to my field work because I can look professional while still expressing myself. Japanese street style definitely inspires me when I want to dress casual but put a little more effort into it. I have a few instagrams I follow that take street snaps in Tokyo, and I always see the coolest stuff on those. That's why I like Civil clothing so much; it has the exact same vibe.


Sam - Right now I've been very punk/new wave inspired but I definitely vary with the seasons and my moods. I love my raw denim.


What we listened to during the shoot

(To Sam) Where’d you get your style from?

I really like the whole biker thing that the hipsters are doing right now but I also like more clean cut looks. I really like 1970s fur coats and shit.


(To Meredith) Give us some of your favorite websites to shop.

Meredith - I don't like shopping online too much because of my body shape. I feel a lot more comfortable shopping in person. But I love Modcloth! I've never gotten anything from there I didn't love.


(To Mer) What inspires you?

Just in general? The ability to keep moving forward. I've struggled through a lot of things, but even though it's been hard I'm still here.


And I have lots of people that support me. They inspire me the most.


How’d you find Muse? Why do you think you and Muse work together so well?

Meredith - I was looking for a job when I first moved to Columbia. You weren't hiring but I loved the product in the store. I started coming in more and more just to see what you'd gotten in! Eventually it got to the point where it was such a comfortable place for me. Sam and I became good friends with Anna, and now we love spending time with everyone there both in and out of the store.


Sam - I think Mere brought me in one day, basically we just like the same kinda styles. I'm always excited when new stuff come in.

(To Sam) You’re one of those ppl that can throw anything together and make an amazing outfit. Do you/would you dress other ppl?


Fuck yeah

(To Sam) So about these amazing t-shirts you make and everyone wants… when are we doing this?

Hit me up Monday

What do you do in your down time?

Mer - Netflix. I love coming home and putting on my sweats, letting the rats out for playtime, and putting something on TV. It's either Netflix or one of the many anime I have on DVD. Sam pushes me to get out more, which I definitely should, but a lot of the time just relaxing in my own space is the best.

Sam - When it's warm I motorcycle constantly when it's crappy I watch Netflix. I've been really getting into vinyl lately so I spend a lot of time record shopping.

Any tattoos? Piercings?

Mer - I have three tattoos! My first was a quote I got soon after leaving residential treatment; "I won't look back on the shadow of my past." It still resonates with me a lot. Then I got a pair of rat's feet. They're from one of the rats I had before Marcy and Sophie. Her name was Ella, and she was the sweetest. She got me through some tough times. Most recently I got the straight edge razor blade, which holds a lot of significance to me. As a recovering self harmer, this is something that is often a trigger for me. But I got it as a way to see the object without being able to use it. After scarring myself in a way that I felt I had no control over, this was something I did control, and when you're in recovery that's a huge thing.


Sam - I have tattoo plans

What’s your favorite purchase from Muse?

Mer - Probably one of the first things I ever got. It's a black Dimepiece sweatshirt that has a mesh bottom and a cloth top. It makes me feel so cool when I wear it!


Sam - Blanket lined Naked and famous denim or that kill city jacket that I lost kayaking.


Whats your muse? What inspires you?

Mer - My fashion muse is one word, two letters: CL. If you don't know who she is you will soon. She's a singer from South Korea, a member of my favorite group 2NE1. She's releasing material in America this year which I'm so excited about. She is so stylish and a total badass, her stage presence is unreal. She exudes confidence, and I love her style. I love seeing pictures of her because they're always so stunning. Like she says in the Skrillex track "Dirty Vibe", "What you ain't know I'm your girl's lesbian crush". Totally true.


Sam - My bike, the people I love, music


Any final thoughts?

Sam - Seriously were starting a t shirt line


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