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Muse Summer Styles

Marlena ThompsonComment

This summer is looking hot! What better way to enter the new season but with a new wardrobe? As the summer makes its debut, stores are stocking up with looks to revamp and refresh your closet. As political tension increases, the demand for establishing one’s voice and identity will continue to trickle over into fashion making a huge wave. This summer with denim, wide leg, sneakers, and long layering making a buzz allows your closet to have flair and spunk for the unpredictable weather — here are some summer-ready pieces that you should have this season. 

Slogan T-shirts
As fashion takes shape during this political climate, this summer 2017, t-shirts are allowing individuals to make clear, unrefined statements silently. Although a simple slogan will not be what essentially changes the world, you’re allowing your opinions to be worn 'on your sleeve'. A simple ‘Future is Feminist’ instantly gives you an identification marker that may or may not build a conversation with like mind individuals, but one thing is for sure, it will be seen.

Distressed Tops
What's more comfortable and cute than oversized distressed tops? While the interest for custom ‘do it yourself’ fashion has risen and torn and ripped garments gain the interest from many fashion lovers and influencers, you’ll most definitely need a distressed, bleach top in your wardrobe, whether it is a cotton tee or flannel button-up. Play around and dress it up or dress it down. 

Vintage Shorts
By now, we all should have our favorite booty hugging, hip loving denim in the closet. If not, this is the time to add vintage denim shorts to your wardrobe. Whether Levi or Gap, customized distress with exposed pocket or patchwork, if you’re looking to stay cool and trendy this summer what better way to do so but by rocking a cute pair of denim shorts that have been recycled. Who said looking cute and saving the planet at the same time can’t be done?

Off the Shoulder
What better way to stay cool in the summer than to have your shoulders out? This trend can still be found in the store. Coming in different styles, fabrics, patterns, and colors, the versatility of this flattering style has stayed in trend for a reason. Having your shoulders exposed is the perfect balance of edge, sexiness, and modesty. Not only can you have this style in tops, but dresses as well and can be found in pretty much every retailer.

Sheer and Lace
How bold can you get with sheer and lace styles? No matter if you play it casual, cool or sexy; these fabrics can be daring and bold, no matter the garment. With bralette, skirts, shirts, bodysuits, and swim suits all showing the variations of sheer and lace, you can’t go wrong by rocking these styles paired with other looks this summer whether to a festival or a girl’s night out.