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Monthly Muse: Lindsey Manns

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Born in the small town of Ashland, Missouri, Lindsey moved to Columbia shortly after graduation in pursuit of a degree. Now working as a loan officer, this stylish, self-proclaimed nerd is nothing short of amazing. While she loves styling people and playing dress up — she also takes the time to travel and spread her love for anything, Harry Potter, Star Wars, or superhero. In hopes to be her own boss one day, this Month’s Muse came, slayed, and styled some looks that will hopefully inspire your next wardrobe decision. Check out her looks and interview below. #MUSEMADEHERDOIT


M: What is your favorite thing about fashion?

L: I like how you can constantly change yourself. I am a chameleon and I still don’t know exactly what my style is yet. It just depends on what mood I’m in. You know how you put together a bomb ass outfit, and you walk out and think, “yeah I look good?"


M: What does your everyday style look like?

L: I love mixing feminine pieces with masculine pieces and wearing looks you don’t see all the time. I have some funky items in my closet that you don’t see every day, which I love wearing because they catch people’s eyes. I gravitate to darker colors like black, which I don’t necessarily mean to. I love denim and leather jackets, I’m kind of a denim whore. I have five leather jackets which I feel is my go to every day.


M: Where do you hope to be in five years?

L: I could see working in a cool, unique store like Muse, I also really love Sephora and my local businesses. In five years, I would love to branch out more, because I like Columbia and the people here a lot, but I want to move somewhere bigger to be able to adventure out and see more things.


M: Who is your style Muse?

L: I don’t really gravitate to any celebrities, I like streetwear and I follow a lot of people on Instagram that are from New York, Los Angeles, and that focus on streetwear looks. I just like seeing people in everyday looks that do not necessarily follow all the trends. I really like places like New York because it lets you see many different people in different styles. Plus, it is the fashion capital of the world.


M: What interest you about Muse?

L: Being a college town, seeing people running around in Polos and Frat looks, and not being interested in that look, Muse has different styles and is against the grain. Muse offers what people want to wear. There are unique pieces here and it has a great environment. Every time I come in, I have a great experience. Also, it is hard to find cool, edgy pieces here in Columbia. I love that Nickie brings in vintage pieces and items from local designers, which helps promote other people in Columbia.


M: Any tattoos or piercings?

L: Yes, my first tattoo was done on my ribs. I thought about it a lot before getting it, and on my dad side, I’m German and Italian, so we’re a big, loud family. My great grandparents helped raise me and lived next door to us. They were basically my second parents. While my grandma passed away when I was in 3rd grade, my great grandpa passed four years ago at 97, which he was able to see my tattoo that I got for them. My tattoo says ‘Castle Rock Germany’ in German. On the inside of my arm, I have ‘Life is beautiful’ in Italian. My goal was to have everything that makes me, me on my body. On my mom side, we’re Sioux Indian, so I’m still wanting to get something that symbolizes that. I try to put tattoos in different spots that aren’t expected and easy for me to cover up while at work. I’m all about piercings and tattoos.


M: What is your favorite purchase from Muse, and how do you style it?

L: My torn, vintage jean jacket. I wear it almost every day — with shorts, pants, joggers, sweat pants, dresses, and even leather pants. I’m obsessed with it. I also have a leather jacket from here with a cropped sleeve, zippers all over it, and a belt around it. I wear that a lot, too. When you get a good jacket, you can put it with anything.


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